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Purpose and content

The purpose of the website is helpful: it provides consumers with information about why car insurance premiums are so high and contains information and links to help them find cheaper car insurance. It therefore successfully achieves its goal. Much of the advice offered is valuable and accurate, such as the importance of being truthful when buying car insurance and always reading the small print. If you are looking for very cheap car insurance see the site here, and compare it with it's main competitor


The aspect of the website that requires most improvement is navigation. The website lacks a static 'home' button, menu and top navigation bar. The navigation bar at the bottom of the page necessitates scrolling and is very small, making it difficult to find. The 'Home' link within this bar is also not available on every page. Once a user has clicked away from the homepage, it is difficult for them to return to it. Users are likely to find this very frustrating and quickly lose patience.


The website has an domain name. Users expect domains to relate to charities and other not-for-profit organisations. Users are likely to be suspicious of this business because it appears to be an insurance broker and yet has an domain.


The language and writing style of the website is mostly simple, easy to read and understandable. The subheadings are clear, concise and they help to guide the reader. However, there is occasional use of odd vocabulary such as 'dear' and 'promiscuous', which is quite jarring. There are some spelling and grammar mistakes, such as: "Most drivers believe that these are to to [repeated word] be found on a price comparison site. However, do they really offer such good [strange phrasing] bargains? which [start of sentence not capitalised] one would offer YOU the lowest prices?" There is a glaring mistake in the subheading: "Reducing your risk neans [means] lower prices for you". The website requires better proof-reading.

Qualifying the results

Some of the test results and conclusions would benefit from being qualified or explained, for example clearly stating on each page when the tests were carried out (it is not always stated) or that prices stated are per year.

Use of images and graphics

The website is visually appealing, having a clear text-based style and very limited use of images and graphics. The one image that is employed does seem to be particularly non-diverse, since it is a white male-female couple. The line page-breaks are helpful and unobtrusive. The blue banner at the top of the page provides continuity but it does vary in thickness depending on the page viewed!

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