Missing Legacies

What is a legacy? It is something that someone leaves behind. It can be thoughts or ideas, or it can be something tangible. It is something we remember whether the person intended it or not. What is a lost legacy? Is it something a person has left us that we failed to see? Is it something they forgot to leave us? Or is it simply something that got misplaced over the years? Many incredible people have passed through this world. Each one of them has left us something to remember, something to follow, and maybe even something to emulate. Not all legacies are good, but all give us something to remember. They last many centuries and give each generation something to think about. Each person who left us something to remember also left us wondering what was forgotten. What did they intend to do? We will never know. We can only imagine. We can only look
at what we have and wonder what might have been. We will look at some of the legacies present and future and learn from what we already know.

William Shakespeare is considered by many to be the greatest writer ever born. His stories have inspired music, art, and philosophy all over the world. We quote him in everyday life and we ponder how his genious emerged.

Leonardo DaVinci was a brilliant inventor, painter, and architect. He left us the Mona Lisa. He has inspired stories and left us wondering about the mysterious Mona Lisa. Who was she?


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Charles Darwin turned everything upside down when he suggested that the human species has developed slowly over time. His Theory of Evolution is still the topic of many heated debates.

Albert Einstein is perhaps the best know scientist in the world. He is known as the father of modern physics. We still teach his ideas to students the world over. We have to wonder what he would think of today's modern technology.

Adolf Hitler is widely considered to be the most evil person in history. How did he get people to follow him? His methods of torture and murder still enrage and sadden the world.

Martin Luther King Jr is best known as our civil rights leader. A man of peace and determination who made great strides in bridging racial barriers.

Mother Teresa is known as the greatest humanitarian of our age. She ministered to the sick, the poor, and the dying for over 45 years. She leaves us searching for our own ways to make a difference in the world.

Elvis Presley, we call him the King of RocknRoll. He changed the face of music and was an unforgettable performer. Many try, but there is only one Elvis.

John Lennon was a songwriter and artist whose incredible lyrics are timeless and thought provoking.

Bill Gates is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He changed the way we do business. He put a new face on technology. We enjoy his products on a day to day basis. He has paved the way to the future.

J.K. Rowling inspired kids and adults to read. She captured the imaginations of a worldwide audience and gave us hope through her characters and her personal experience.

Barack Obama will be remembered as the first African-American president. We also see first hand a man who is trying to make major changes. We wonder how it will all turn out. His legacy is yet to be revealed.

We will all leave a legacy behind. We would be smart to think about this, but not to dwell on it. After all, the people we read about lived their lives. We can't help but wonder if we're missing something. Is there more than we already know about their legacies? I have no doubt that there is!

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